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Civil Union

Civil union does not go as far as ‘marriage’ in the religious sense yet it ensures that people otherwise have the same rights as married people.


Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un will target the US with a nuclear warhead and go against the express wishes of China in so doing.

Same-Sex Marriage

Here’s what I think is a misnomer. The word ‘marriage’ in this context. The use of the word ‘marriage’ brings in a lot of religious considerations that in my opinion are beside the point. What people really want is social and political equality. They do not want ‘marriage’ in the traditional sense. I expect this will be a contoversial view.

Same-Sex Marriage

The Church of England is concerned that the introduction of same sex marriage may cause unpheaval in an institution that has hitherto been based on the notion that marriage should be between people of opposite sex and where consummation of marriage and reproducition are fundamental.


According to legend or the Old Testament, whichever, King Solomon is supposed to have had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. That’s wisdom, if you like..

Same-Sex Marriage

This is a misnomer. What people really want is the same rights and privileges as married people. This avoids all the religious pros and cons.


Divorce is not allowed by the Anglican church in the sense that divorced people cannot be remaried by the church. Children want their parents to stay together. In this sense divorce is made to seem like an act of adult selfishness.